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Please let us know if you wish to keep your old mobile number when we connect your new tariff.

Thank you for selecting a new Airtime Tariff under the EmployeeChoice Mobile Phone Benefit Scheme.

To process your order and connect your new Tariff we need to know whether you wish to keep your old mobile number or not*.

Please select one of the two options below and click on submit to send us the required information. We will not be able to process your order until we have this information.

Please note if you wish to keep your current mobile number you must provide this and a PAC code from your existing network provider prior to the delivery window for your scheme. The PAC code enables us to terminate your existing contract and begin your new contract when we connect. In addition it will transfer your old number onto the new network.

Full Name

Order Number (e.g. 11700000010)

My Employer*

Option 1
 I do not wish to keep my current mobile number so please issue a new number

Option 2

 I wish to keep my current number and have a PAC code that expires after the next delivery window* (5th-7th of each month)

For Option 2 please provide us with the following:(please complete all fields)

Existing Mobile Number

Current Network


PAC Expiry Date


We cannot  port across your current number after we have connected your new tariff.

PAC codes are only valid for 30 days and should only be requested in the last 30 days of your current contract.

The mobile delivery window (connection date) is normally between the 5th – 7th of each month


To get a PAC, please contact customer services at your existing network provider. They will normally issue a PAC within 24 hours.


If you have any queries relating to the PAC process please email: or contact 01992 663999

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