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If you have selected a mobile phone with an airtime contract your tariff comes with an in-bundle Call, Text and Data allowance.

Most Airtime Contracts now offer Unlimited Calls and Texts to UK numbers, however, there are some areas where you will be charged extra for usage.

It is very important you read and understand the relevant overspend charges in the document below based on the network you have chosen. From our experience, far and away the most common area for overspend charges is data usage over your data allowance. However you will also incur overspend charges for overseas calls, calls to 118 numbers etc.

Common areas for high data usage include;

  • Watching/streaming online videos (including through Facebook)
  • Streaming online music
  • Not closing Apps that continue running in the background on your smartphone
  • Downloading data

Tip for Facebook users: Turn off auto video play in Facebook by going to Settings -> Facebook and select “Auto Play on Wi-Fi Only” on your device. This is a very helpful feature to reduce data for users who check their Facebook regularly on their phone while outside of a Wi-Fi network. This feature will not disable Facebook videos, but rather prevent them from loading automatically when Facebook is open and in turn consume unnecessary data usage.

If you are unsure of your data allowance please check your order confirmation emails or login to your account. The overspend charges relate to each billing period which is as standard a calendar month. The allowance will reset at the beginning of each new billing period.


To reduce overspend charges we would suggest wherever possible connecting to a WIFI network when using your phone for web browsing etc. As the tariff providers will not provide alerts when you reach your data limit on these airtime contracts. We would also strongly recommend that you download a data counter app such as on your phone and set up alerts based on your data allowance to ensure you do not go over without realising. The standard billing period is a calendar month, therefore you will need add this and the level of data allowance that you have signed up for when setting up the app.

Please note: Overspend charges are subject to change upon notification from the network providers. For queries please contact the EmployeeChoice helpdesk on 01992 663999

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