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Recycling Scheme

The Employee Choice Recycling Scheme offers Employees the opportunity to trade in old devices such as Computers or Mobile Phones on a Cash back basis. This effectively allows the Employee to further reduce the cost of ordering items under a Technology or Phone Scheme. It also allows staff coming to the end of a 2 or 3 year scheme to trade in their product for cashback to offset against the cost of the rejoining a scheme for a further 2 or 3 years.

All products recycled with Employee Choice are returned to our Recycling Partner and recycled in line with the WEEE Directive. Therefore all Data and information is wiped from the device and certification provided. The service is aimed at making it simple for the Employee to upgrade their old device for a new model.


  • On each Scheme Web portal Employee Choice Provide a link to a Recycling where you can specify your Device.
  • You must select the Condition of your device ie Good or Poor
  • The portal will provide the expected cashback for you item
  • Our Recycling partner who collect the machine, assess and confirm the condition
  • The partner will confirm the Cashback amount and will issue the credit


How much cashback will I receive?

The webportal will provide a expected cashback amount for your old device. The amount will vary depending on model and condition but as a guide the iPad3 32GB WiFi model can be recycled for cashback of up to £150, 2-3 year old laptops can fetch up £100+ and the iPhone 4S for example can fetch £100+.

For more information on the Recycling Scheme, call 01992 663 333 or email

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