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Mobile Phone Scheme

The Phone Scheme works via a Salary Sacrifice Arrangement in the same way as the Home Technology Scheme. The only difference being with Phones the Employee Savings are considerably higher!

Employee Choice offer the latest range of Smart Phones from Manufacturers including;

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • Microsoft
  • HTC
  • Blackberry


Whilst Employee Choice is able to provide SIM Free Handsets, 90% of our Customers choose to provide Employees the option of ordering a Phone + 2Yr Pre-Paid Tariff + 2Yr Insurance.

Our range of Tariff options from Providers such as EE, T-Mobile and Orange facilitates coverage across the whole of the UK and allow Employees to Top Up via the normal routes should they exceed their Tariff Data Allowance.

How much can the Employee Save?

A higher rate Tax Payer can Save 42% off High Street Prices over a 2 Year Employee Choice Phone Scheme!  This is a huge saving which has zero cost to the Employer.



To maximise the success of the scheme we implement a tried and tested process as summarised below.

  1. In advance of the scheme Go Live our marketing team work with your organisation to promote the scheme and raise awareness.
  2. An online Webstore is set up to allow Employees to review phones and to order
  3. Employee’s can place orders online or by Tel. We normally operate three ordering windows during the year
  4. The Employer checks and approves the orders online
  5. We schedule the deliveries to Employee’s
  6. Serial Reports and Proof Delivery Information is provided to the Employer.

What are the benefits to you, the Employer?

  • Reduced employer National Insurance Contributions
  • No scheme set-up costs
  • Staff Retention and Moral boost
  • Employee Choice manage the complete process including payroll support


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Benefits for Employees

  • Savings of up to 42% vs high street prices
  • Affordable Monthly Pay reduction
  • No credit checks or deposit required
  • A choice of handsets/contracts/tariffs to suit Individual requirements.
  • Significant savings on tax and national insurance
  • No benefit in kind tax
  • Comprehensive 24 month Insurance and Warranty for complete peace of mind


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What if my current contract hasn’t expired?

Employee Choice typically provide Employees with three ordering windows during the year to allow staff to join the scheme as their current contract comes near to an end. The significant savings via the scheme do allow staff to to still save even if joining prior to existing contracts coming to an end. Alternatively we are able to keep the scheme open all year round if you prefer.

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