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Computer Scheme

The Employee Choice Home Technology Scheme provides Employees with access to latest Technology across a range of Product Categories including;

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • Cameras
  • Home Sound Systems
  • Smart TV’s
  • Games Consoles
  • DVD/Blu Ray Players
  • Plus a wide Range of accessories, Warranties and Insurance

Our Partners

Our relationships across all leading manufacturers enable us to provide a wide range of products within each category. Our partners include;

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The Process

The scheme works as a salary sacrifice arrangement, where employees waive the right to receive a portion of their gross salary, in exchange for one of more products under the scheme which is where the Tax and NI savings are made.

To maximise the success of the scheme we implement a tried and tested process as summarised below.

  1. In advance of the scheme Go Live our marketing team work with your organisation to promote the scheme and raise awareness.
  2. An online Webstore is set up to allow Employees to review products and to order
  3. Employee’s can place orders online or by Tel during the order window. Normally a 3-4 weeks period
  4. The Employer checks and approves the orders online
  5. We schedule the deliveries to Employee’s
  6. Serial Reports and Proof Delivery Information is provided to the Employer.


Employee Choice run each scheme as a fully managed service and our aim at all times is to minimise the impact on the Employer.

To achieve this you will be allocated a dedicated Project Manager and Relationship Manager who are supported by a highly trained Customer Service Team. The Customer Service Team are responsible for managing all incoming calls and emails from your Employee’s from Launch of the Scheme to the end of the agreement.

What are the benefits to you, the Employer?

  • Its easy to implement – it’s a fully managed service so minimal admin overhead for your team.
  • Delivered by experts – We can provide you with a range of reference sites for feedback.
  • Cost-Neutral – its costs you nothing to run the scheme.
  • We are achieving participation rates between 12 to 30%
  • The scheme helps with staff retention and moral!
  • We normally include 2 or 3 Warranty & Insurance with all devices.


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What are the benefits to Employees?

  • Considerable savings vs high street prices
  • Affordable Monthly Pay reduction
  • No credit checks or deposit required
  • Access to a wide range of devices straight away
  • Recognition that the Employer is providing extra support


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